Silting Cleaning of the Sea Ship Channel to the Berthing Facilities on the Breach for Tengizchevroil

Project Details


Using the forces and technical means of SemArco LLP subsidiary company (Semurg + Archirodon), dredging works were carried out on the approach channel in order to clean the channel from the silt and maintain the specified channel depths for safe navigation.

The new channel was necessary to compensate the financial and time costs of Tengizchevroil, since the use of any other bypass routes through the seaports of Aktau and Bautino, or the river port of Atyrau is technically impracticable.


The volume of dredging was (within three years of contract work) 17 million cubic meters.


  • the length of the navigable channel was 67 km
  • depth - up to 5 m
  • width - 61 m

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