Sarzha Transport and Logistics Center

Project Details

Transport and Logistics
2012 – Present

Sarzha Transport and Logistics Center is located on the territory of the International Port of Kuryk in Mangystau Region, Kazakhstan.

Sarzha TLC provides a full range of transport and logistics services in one place: loading and unloading goods, storage of goods, calculation of customs cargo, submission of customs declarations, cargo insurance, calculation of non-standard tasks, etc.

The TLC has a developed infrastructure with round-the-clock video surveillance, accomodation, all the necessary amenities (toilet, shower, etc.), restaurants and cafes, service stations, gas stations, etc.

The territory hosts a dry storage warehouse (10,000 sq. m) and a climate warehouse (4,000 sq. m), equipped with cooling, freezing and deep freezing compartments, fruit ripening compartment, a vegetable storage, ventilation and humidity control systems, washing and packing lines; premises for veterinary and sanitary inspection of products.


The TLC can carry out 17 customs procedures, including the customs procedure of export, transit, import, processing of goods, etc.

Construction Stages

According to the plan, the TLC will occupy an area of 18 hectares. This space will include closed storage areas, an accumulative parking lot for trucks, a temporary storage warehouse, container platforms, specialized storage areas, an administrative building, loading and unloading platforms and related infrastructure.
  • The first stage: a small truck storage for 30 vehicles, open storage areas, related infrastructure for customs brokerage and insurance activities.
  • The second stage: a dry storage warehouse, an administrative building, a car repair shop with a garage and a gas station, a climate warehouse, a railway line with a loading and unloading platforms, a truck storage for 179 vehicles.

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