Alternative Railway Access to the Seaport of Aktau

Project Details

Surveys, design
Semurg Temir-Zholy subsidiary company together with Intranskom (Almaty) project company, developed a feasibility study, technical design specifications and prepared design estimates documentation for construction of an alternative railway access road through a salt lake from the R crossing loop near the former plastics plant on the territory of Aktau Sea Port Special Economic Zone to KazTransOil-Aktau oil terminal and further to the tie-in to the existing railway track of Aktau International Sea Trading Port.



The project had to solve the urgent problem of returning and parallel movement of wagons along the tracks to the port of Aktau and back, and distributing the flow of loaded and empty wagons, which were difficult because of the only access road and the difficulties of building a new road due to the terrain features and hereby increase the traffic through the port of Aktau.


  • in 2010, it was decided to sell the project, freeing up the funds for another larger infrastructure project

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