Sarzha Multifunctional Marine Terminal

Project Details

Survey, construction
2011 – Present

As a part of the project, a topographical study of land in the Kazakhstan sector of the Caspian Sea on the shore of the Alexander Bekovich-Cherkassky Bay near the village of Kuryk, Mangistau Region was conducted. It resulted in a number of agreements signed with Kazakhstan Temir Zholy JSC on construction of a ferry complex and joint activities on development of the project in the territory owned by Semurg Invest LLP.

The consulting and auditing part of the project was carried out by the international network of companies PricewaterhouseCoopers. The positive conclusion of experts allowed to start searching for investors and partners among international and Kazakhstan companies.

In 2018, the first phase of construction of the transport and logistics center was completed and the temporary storage warehouse was commissioned.

By 2025, it is planned to complete construction of a universal reloading terminal, container site, terminals and a coastal base for the support of marine operations.

Since 2010, SEMURG INVEST LLP has been negotiating with potential investors for implementation of the project of Sarzha Multifunctional Marine Terminal.



The project was included in the state map of innovation development and received support from the regional akimat.


One of the EPC holding companies has developed design and estimate documentation and is actively building various infrastructure facilities of Sarzha Multifunctional Marine Terminal (including the facilities of Sarzha Transport and Logistics Center):
  • a vehicular component of the RO-RO ferry complex - an universal parking lot for large-capacity automobile trucks with a high level of services and accommodation for a period of time before loading onto the RO-RO ferries
  • a temporary storage warehouse with a full cycle of customs clearance, customs escort and other brokerage services
  • the design and estimate documentation was developed and prepared for transmission to the State Expertise for construction of two railway sidings from the main route of the ferry complex to the universal reloading terminal, to the liquefied petrol gas storage terminal, and the ship diesel storage terminal, as well as for construction of two railroad yards

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