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Company Overview

SEMURG INVEST LLP was established to unite affiliated companies into a holding with the goal of centralizing financial flows for development and implementation of infrastructure projects in Mangystau Region of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The general management of the holding, development of conceptual solutions for the projects and budgets of the companies are carried out by a leading group of managers who demonstrate a professional and modern approach to business.

The team of SEMURG INVEST LLP consists of the best design specialists who are familiar with the specifics of the region. If necessary, consultants for highly specialized issues are involved.

Our Partners


NC KTZ JSC is the largest transport and logistics holding in Kazakhstan. The company unites logistics and transportation companies, owners of terminal and main infrastructure of all modes of transport. NC KTZ JSC carries out rail and sea transportation, renders services of transport and logistics centers, as well as sea port, airport, railway and road infrastructure.


PwC is an international network of companies offering professional services in the field of consulting and auditing. The company has existed for more than 160 years and is part of the so-called Big Four audit companies. The headquarters of the network are in London. In Kazakhstan, the network of PwC companies has been operating since 1993, and now its staff numbers more than 500 employees in three full-fledged offices in Almaty, Astana, and Atyrau.

A+A Kazakhstan LLP

The construction company A+A Kazakhstan LLP is a subsidiary company of A+A Group of Companies, which has been successfully operating in the market of Azerbaijan and CIS countries for more than 17 years. The company has about 100 constructed and commissioned residential and industrial facilities. At present, A+A Kazakhstan LLP is one of the leading multidisciplinary enterprises, occupying a significant place in the local market of civil and industrial construction.

Port Kuryk LLP

The ferry complex in Kuryk Port has a finger pier with two berths equipped with lifting and transition bridges to service rail ferries; a finger pier with a berth to receive ferry-boats of RO-RO type carrying vehicles; a universal berth to receive all types of ships, including ones for transshipment of oversized and heavy cargo.


The Kazakhstan company SemArco has a license of the first category for engineering, survey and construction work, including all possible licensed subcategories. The company can mobilize 1,000 workers, establish a rotational camp, and also mobilize the necessary equipment for 2 months to implement projects worth up to 500 million US dollars. SemАrco specialists have extensive knowledge of local design standards, permits, and HSE requirements for finding the best solutions for their customers.

KTZ Express JSC

KTZ Express JSC is a multimodal transportation and logistics company providing a full range of transportation and logistics services in all types of communications, integrating transport by rail, sea, air and road transport, with use of port and airport infrastructure, network of warehouses and terminals. KTZ Express JSC is implementing a large-scale project to develop the internal and external terminal networks. The company also operates a special economic zone Khorgos – Eastern Gate and the Kazakh-Chinese terminal in the port of Lianyungang (China) with a total area of 22 hectares, which is the main point for consolidation of cargo flows to/from Kazakhstan and a key transit port for transshipment of cargos to/from the countries of Central and South-East Asia, as well as domestic ports of China.

Anaklia Port

Anaklia Port (Georgia) will be the shortest road connecting Europe and Asia – it takes only 9-14 days to deliver a container from China to Europe. The port will be able to receive large ships with a carrying capacity of 50-150 thousand tons. The project envisages construction of 32 berths with a total length of 12 300 meters. The capacity of the port is 100 million tons per year.

Baku Port

The International Sea Trade Port of Baku (Azerbaijan) is the largest port on the Caspian Sea. The port is located at the intersection of East-West and North-South transport corridors. The port terminals support sea trade relations with major ports of the Caspian Sea, and with the ports of the Black, Mediterranean, Baltic, and North Seas and the Atlantic Ocean through the Volga-Don and Volga-Baltic Canals. During 2015, the International Port of Baku handled 3.1 million tons of cargo.


National Company KAZAKH INVEST JSC is authorized to implement measures of state support to industrial and innovative activity in the field of attracting investments into the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as development and promotion of exports. It has a wide network of its representatives abroad, provides a full range of services to support investment projects from idea to implementation on the principle of "one window", and acts as a single coordinating center for special economic zones of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

DARYN Partners LLP

DARYN Partners LLP was formed by a team of professionals who combined their successful experience and extensive network of contacts to solve complex problems and to provide high quality services in the field of subsoil use, corporate finance, business development, legal and management consulting. The Daryn Partners team has an extensive experience in project management in the oil and gas and petrochemical sectors, construction of industrial infrastructure, and offshore facilities. The company has participation in more than 50 projects and implementation of successful transactions, both in Kazakhstan and abroad, with a total value of more than 20 billion of US dollars, on its account.

ATD-Stroyproect LLP

ATD-Stroyproect LLP is engaged in development of feasibility studies, design specifications and estimates, special technical conditions, individual estimate standards, construction and installation works, and authorial and technical supervision.

Nomad Eco LLP

Nomad Eco LLP is engaged in environmental design and regulation (EIA, MPE, Waste Generation and Disposal Limits Projects), environmental support of a company and production and environmental monitoring, environmental assessment and action plan for environmental protection, laboratory research, greenhouse gas inventories, development and coordination of land management projects.

Kuryk Port Development

Kuryk Port Development is a project of the port located on the east coast of the Caspian Sea in Kazakhstan. The project has an attractive strategic location at the intersection of developing trade corridors between East and West (“One Belt, One Way”) and between North and South (India, Russia) and includes five objects: the ferry complex, universal reloading terminal, liquid cargo terminal, industrial complex, and transport and logistics center. The total capacity of the Kuryk port terminals is 13.9 million tons per year.

Affiliated Companies

Khazar Petroleum Logistics

Khazar Petroleum Logistics (KhPL), established in 2017, provides forwarding services for domestic, export-import, and transit cargo in its own and rented rolling stock. The company has two cooperation agreements with the port of Kuryk and Aktau Sea Trading Port. KhPL is a dynamically developing freight forwarding company with an already established reputation of a reliable partner, a wide geography of services, and 6 years experience.

Sarzha TLC

Sarzha Transport and Logistics Center is located on the territory of the international port of Kuryk in Mangistau Region, Kazakhstan. The TLC provides warehousing and related services for maintenance of international and national cargo traffic, as well as urban and regional distribution of goods. According to the developed plan, the TLC will occupy an area of 16 hectares. This space will dispose warehouses, a platform for trucks with convenient access roads, a shed for the inspection zone, office, housing, necessary sanitary facilities, and a checkpoint.